YouTuber Creates His Own Version of the PS5 Slim

Sony so far has not released an alternative version of the PS5, however, a YouTuber did this work for the company and produced a PS5 Slim.

the YouTuber Matthew Perks from the DIY Perks channel, revealed their version of PS5 Slim that impresses with its small volume, having a thickness of only 1.9 cm.

The YouTuber also says that the cooling system he developed for his console is more efficient than the original Sony.

The total price of the prototype was not revealed, but it is known that the copper parts used on its exterior cost more than R$ 546 reais (200 euros converted to the current price).

In addition to the cunning version of Matthew perks, there are some real reports that suggest that Sony is developing a new console.

A conference by the Chinese electronics multinational TCL Technology suggested that Sony Interactive Entertainment was planning to release a new version of PlayStation 5nicknamed PlayStation 5 Pro between 2023 and 2024.

There are those who deny this rumor, such as the VentureBeatwhich says that the TCL cited this possible new console from a speculative point of view.

The truth is that there is no official announcement or tip from Sony that the console is being developed, and all the information that exists about it comes from probable leaks.

While there is no confirmation around the hardware, Jim Ryan head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated in a recent business briefing that the company has been extremely active in the area of ​​mergers, acquisitions and investments, and intends to increase its strength to expand the range of genres of its games,